Tomorrow is the second walk! If you haven't registered yet no worries you can still register online or at the event! Check in for the walk starts at 10:30 the walk will begin at 11:00.

There will be a raffle so be sure to bring some extra money to purchase tickets! You get two free tickets with registration and you can buy 1 ticket for one dollar or 13 tickets for ten dollars! The raffle items are great. The best one I think may be the free dinner & room for two at Mohegan Sun (so cool)!!!

There will be food after the walk so feel free to spend time after the walk enjoying it- you deserve free food after completing a 5-K :)!

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow! :)

Getting excited to begin the quest for sponsors! We already have a few but we are always looking for more :)! To become a sponsor please email us at, we would love to hear from you and answer any questions you have.  With sponsorship you will not only be able to link your company/business to a non-profit organization, you will also be able to have your logo printed on the back of our 2013 t-shirt. We will need to have your deposit by 6/27 at the latest. The deposit can be picked up in person by us (email to set up a time), mailed (email for information), or paid electronically through our site!

For those who aren't looking to be a sponsor be sure to register for our 2013 5-K that will be happening on Saturday 7/27 at 10:30 a.m. If you can't attend the walk but still want a t-shirt be sure to order one before Thursday 6/27!
Hi everyone!

SJGH is starting up the Second Annual T-Shirt Design Competition!

This years competition will run from Tuesday, April 2 through until Friday, May 3. After May 3 we will no longer be accepting submissions for the Design Competition. Monday, May 6th the top designs will be chosen and voting will begin until midnight on May 10th. The winner of the 2013 Design will be announced on Saturday May 11th.

The t-shirts will be sold as promotional pieces with proceeds going to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. In order to apply you must currently be either a High School or College student. The design this year will be for the front of a Gildan Adult Sized T-Shirt colored "Saftey Pink" (see image below). The design must consist of no more than three colors and can be done in any medium (computer generated, or done by hand and photographed/scanned in).  The design must include "Spread Joy Give Hope" and "2013".  The design can have inspiration from anything. However, the t-shirts will be used to raise money for Breast Cancer Research and primarily sold for our 5-K fundraiser later this year. We are accepting submissions of designs now through the deadline on May 3.

If you or your company/business are interested in becoming a 2013 sponsor please get in contact with us and/or get visit our website for more upcoming updates to come about sponsorship!

Thanks so much, keep spreading the Joy!

2013 T-Shirt Color
2012 Winning Design
The t-shirts are set to arrive Thursday, July 12.  We have ordered a few extra sizes so those who are registering after June 27th may still receive a t-shirt.  These extra t-shirts are going to be given away through a first come, first serve manor.  So, be sure to register/order your shirt fast!

We have already hit FORTY-FIVE registrations for the July 14 walk! Five more people and we will be 50 and "over the hill"! If we reach 50 we will have raised around $1000 for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation! So excited.

Register online now if you haven't already! Hope to see you there :)
The t-shirt order is being finalized! So, we should hopefully be getting the t-shirts within 5-6 business days.  A couple extra t-shirts were ordered that will be given out in order of who ever registers online first until all the extra t-shirts are given out.

If we get an increase in registration/t-shirt orders another order will be put in! So, spread the word around to your friends/family :)

& in case you have forgotten this is what the front design of the t-shirt is:

A special thanks to our 2012 sponsors:
Stop & Shop
Eastern Shore Chiropractic Center
The Incredible Weight Loss Center
Charter Oak Walk In Medical Center
& Charlies Place (formerly known as the Niantic Diner)
The walk is in LESS than a month! I am still working on getting all of my sponsors but today I went around and contacted a lot of small buisness/companies in East Lyme/Niantic to see if they would be interested in sponsoring SJGH & their walk on July 14 (meaning would they like to donate a specific amount of money to get their logo on the back of the t-shirts).

We have three sponsors who have already commited! Can't wait to see if the rest of the people I contacted confirm sponsoring SJGH!

Very, very, exciting.

If you haven't already done so, you should register online ASAP! If you register BEFORE June 27 then you will 100% get a t-shirt.  If you register AFTER June 27, you are NOT guare

SJGH is now officially recognized by the government, and is on its way to being recognized by the state of CT. 

But, the more exciting news is.....(drum roll, please)....


July 14, 2012 (rain date July 15, 2012) at Bridebrook Park in East Lyme, CT, the first annual 5-K walk (or run for those of you who are ambitious) for Spread Joy Give Hope will occur.

I still have a LOT of work to do, and not a lot of time to do it in! So, it will be a busy next couple of weeks for me.  But, I am extremely excited that we were able to get a date and a place to walk.

All Rights Reserved to Spread Joy Give Hope 2012 and to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation for more information please contact us