SJGH is now officially recognized by the government, and is on its way to being recognized by the state of CT. 

But, the more exciting news is.....(drum roll, please)....


July 14, 2012 (rain date July 15, 2012) at Bridebrook Park in East Lyme, CT, the first annual 5-K walk (or run for those of you who are ambitious) for Spread Joy Give Hope will occur.

I still have a LOT of work to do, and not a lot of time to do it in! So, it will be a busy next couple of weeks for me.  But, I am extremely excited that we were able to get a date and a place to walk.
The BCRF responded to the email I sent them about my fundraiser! They are mailing me ribbons and were very helpful :)

Glad to see that this is moving in a great direction! Can't wait to make this fundraiser go public

If you are interested in confirmation that contact has been made with BCRF please contact SJGH & or BCRF as both will have the needed information to confirm any worries


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